Department Store Supervisor and still Homeless

I had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento, CA on my birthday with my high school friend and colleague for a job with MIDAS. Tim and I were contacted again by Mick from corporate and asked if we were interested in flying to Cali for another job with MIDAS. Few emails and calls later, our shoelaces were tied, cameras and microphones packed in cases, and the next minute we were flying!

Through this job, we learned that living expenses in the Bay Area was so expensive that our subject, Damon, was pushed to become homeless while being a supervisor at Home Depot. After the recent lost of his two-month-old son and a major hike in rent, Damon could not continue to afford staying in his previous home and was evicted.

MIDAS has a program called ProjectSpark in which they donate cars to those in need. One of the franchisees in Sacramento, CA. suffered a similar lost and therefore has decided to donate their services to help Damon get back on his feet with his family.

Tim and I stayed in a farmhouse hosted by Airbnb and it was definitely a different scenery, a place just on the edge of town in a residential area. You wouldn’t know it was a farm if you drove by it!

Victor Tan