See Something, Say Something

This was a relatively last minute assignment with Accenture. XVP Studios contracted me out to shoot an internal video that encourages employees to say something if they witness or experience any form of sexual harassment at work.

This was shot with a teleprompter so as to get more of a direct message to the viewer. Since this was a sensitive subject matter, the director wanted to make sure that whatever the executive is trying to say, the viewer gets it.

There was also a request for a few shots of B-roll in case they needed to break away from a long talking head. To me, these particular B-roll shots were definitely favorites, but to be honest, I’m not too sure if it fits the subject matter.

For most of the corporate interview jobs, I shoot with my Sony A7 III. To me, despite it being a small camera but it packs a punch in terms of image quality. What’s important to me is the versatility of the camera. Because most of the jobs I’m assigned to are small in crew size, I don’t have the luxury of assistants helping me build a cinema camera where there are so many parts and pieces that it requires a large size Pelican case to house just the camera and its accessories, sometimes multiple cases.

I often travel with two Sony A7 III’s and a set of three to four lenses in a single Pelican carry-on size case that also stores a variety of accessories, monitors, batteries, filters, and whatnot.

Victor Tan