Dr. Thompson from Lurie Children's Hospital

Thom from CloserLook reached out to a colleague of mine for a recommendation and it turns out we’ve actually worked together prior to this project.

Not many corporate production companies would send an assignment with a Lookbook on how they want the interview to look and feel. Thom said he wants a mixture of tungsten and daylight in the lighting of the interview and that’s exactly what I gave him. He wanted warm highlight for hair light, but because of the nature of black hair, we don’t really get that bloomy and over-exposed hair light as he described in his Lookbook. However, the framing and lighting turned out very polished and he liked what we shot very much.

This was one of those bizarrely short productions where we were booked for a whole day of work but finished in less than 4 hours. We scheduled to arrive at Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital at 11:30am with first shot beginning at 1pm. The interview lasted about 30 minutes and we were on our way down to grab some quick cutaway B-roll. All that took less than an hour including packing up the equipment. We were home before rush hour… Happy day it was.

Victor Tan